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Poly carpets – 3 reasons why they can be so hard to clean?

What is polypropylene carpet?

Polypropylene carpet or olefin is one of the five types of the carpet currently sold. Other types are: wool, nylon, acrylic and polyester. It is both durable and water- and stain- resistant and is good for commercial usage.
As poly it is less resilient than nylon, it is best used in low-pile carpets. Otherwise, it can …

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Hiding Under Your Carpets

Carpets add beauty and style to your living spaces while providing an excellent level of warmth and comfort. On the flip side, this flooring material usually gets exposed to a wide range of elements that can damage its colour and fibres over time. 

While you may have been vacuuming your carpet regularly, the fibres could still be hosting some of …

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How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Can Benefit Your Business?

When you run a successful business, you will get quite busy. So maintaining a clean work environment for both your staff and customers is a chore. For any business owner, finding the right carpet cleaning services should be a priority. Your best bet is a professional carpet cleaner. Get the top, especially one with experience on how to clean commercial…
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How To Care For Your Carpet During Winter

Should you wait for the warmer months to do some serious carpet cleaning? What about all the dirt and moisture that your carpet takes in during the winter? Frankly, carpet care during the winter can be a big challenge. Countless stains, knotting, wear, and damage happens to carpets during this time when the days grow shorter and chilly, and …

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