Shower Glass Cleaning and Protection

Shower Glass Cleaning

Are Dirty Glass Doors causing you problems?
Want your glass shower and walls to look as new as ever?
Don’t wait and contact the professionals in East, West, South, Central Auckland, North Shore and Rodney.
Alex Cleaning Solutions will do the tough job and make your life easier and more comfortable.

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shower glass cleaning Auckland

shower glass cleaning Auckland

You may wonder, why only after a year your shower glass gets less clear even though you use clear water to spray it after you finish showering.
There is a logical reason behind it.
We all think that the glass surface is smooth, but glass seen under a microscope is actually porous. Therefore when minerals from the water come in contact with the glass, part of them will embed themselves into the shower glass as well as the soap scum. After time this process will make your shower glass muddy and make cleaning them extremely difficult.
What’s more, the degree of mineral residue depends on the water quality, age and material of the shower.
Our technicians can apply protection to the glass which will repel the water and protect the glass for longer.

Alex Cleaning Solutions also cleans glass balustrades (on balconies, stairwells or to enclose swimming pool area), so they will stay cleaner…for longer!

5 reasons to choose Alex Cleaning Solutions to do your shower cleaning:

  1.  We cover all volumes, any scale: large, medium and small. No customer is too small or too large for us to clean.
  2.  Our Auckland based company has a Proven Track Record for over 10 years in the Auckland market place – Alex Cleaning Solutions, established in 2005.
  3.  As professionals, we operate under Ethically Empowered principles and use the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
  4.  Our technicians provide wide variety of solutions for glass restoration, protection or maintenance issues you may have.
  5.  As an environmentally conscious company, the products we use have the highest green standard in the industry.

Three Common FAQ’s for shower cleaning and glass protection:

Can we treat damaged or old showers glass?

Totally, we can renovate your old shower glass using our quality glass cleaning products.
In most cases 95% of showers will clean back to around 90% of new – but not all will come back.
Outcome just depends on how old and bad the staining is.
Our trained professionals will know once onsite how much of the glass is able to be cleaned if any.

How long I have to wait before using the shower?

We can be in and out within 2-3 hrs – this just depends on how long the mineral stains take to be coaxed out of the glass.
Once we leave, you can use the shower and our products have no cure or short drying time (30 min) – which is a huge bonus when all you really want to do is have a shower, in the “new” shower.

Do different surfaces required different cleaning?

Maintenance and care vary substantially according to the type of area (treated surface type and location/exposure) and the abrasion to which the material is exposed to.
Abrasion can be any mechanical (like wiper) or non-mechanical force (such as dust) affecting the product.
Thus, an exterior glass structure (balustrades) as exposed to the weather will require a much different maintenance and care then an interior porcelain sink lavatory or a ceramic tile bathroom wall. We can also clean kitchen granite bench tops.

Get the Care You Deserve

Let us clean your shower glass! Take the hassle away, and complete it cost effectively.

Remember: We will provide you with the highest standard of treatment using European import products.

A glass that is professionally cleaned not only looks great but is more hygienic. Final result will be outstanding and at a fair price for you.

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