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Meth Testing Auckland

Test Meth Contaminated Houses Auckland

Dangers Inside the Home or Rental property

According to a study published by Massey University in May 2018, imported Crystal Methamphetamine, known on the street as Ice, Meth, Crank, Tweek, Uppers, Chalk and Speed, witnessed a sharp rise in its use in NZ.
“Being made on an “industrial scale” in China and South East Asia has now meant it is cheaper to import Meth than make it locally”- Associate Professor Chris Wilkins.
Furthermore, based on the responses of more than 300 frequent drug users: the proportion of users who reported it being easier to obtain Meth had more than doubled from 17 percent in 2015 to 35 percent in 2016. Over that same period, the proportion of those drug users using Crystal Meth also sharply increased from 54 percent to 76 percent.

In her self-led 2018 Meth webinar, Australian public health researcher Dr. Jackie Wright recommended that rental properties be tested between tenants. In this way tenants will realize that if the property tests positive at a later date (post moving-in), they could be found responsible for the damages.
It is important that both landlords and tenants are aware that the optional Meth testing clause can be added to the tenancy agreement.

It is vital that everybody understands some serious health risks can be associated with even small meth presence, as low as 2-20 ug/100cm2.
Health effects usually observed are: behavior changes, eyes and skin irritation, cough (respiratory issues like asthma), headache, etc.

What are the limits and guidelines for Meth testing contamination in NZ?

The International Meth limit varies between 0.01 to 1.5 ug/100cm2.
Prior to 2017 in NZ, the industrially accepted Meth limit was 0.5 ug/100cm2.
From 2017 onward, Standards New Zealand released the new standard NZS 8510:2017 (Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties). This standard provides industry guidance on good practice methods for the sampling, testing and clean-up of Methamphetamine contaminated properties. With the implementation of this standard, the Methamphetamine limit was set to 1.5 ug/100cm2.

Following the publication of the standard, NZ Health Adviser Sir Peter Gluckman issued a report (‘Methamphetamine contamination in residential properties…”). It was published in May 2018 and sponsored by the NZ Government for social housing purposes. The report recommended a higher limit of 15 ug/100cm2, ten times greater than the standard of 1.5 ug/100cm2. As result of the publication, the Housing NZ  changed its policy, requiring levels less than 15ug/100cm2 for a property to be deemed safe. This undermines the standard and threatens to deregulate testing and decontamination work being carried out.
There are more facts regarding Methamphetamine here.

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  •  Professional Meth Testing: Sampling by Experts following NZS 8510:2017
  •  Rental – testing before and after tenancy can protect both sides, Tenants and Landlords:
    • Tenants- Knowing they have come to a clean property.
    • Landlords and property managers- Against claims and length tribunal cases from the tenants that they have been let into contaminated ‘P’ rentals.
  •  Purchasing new house – Looking clean and cozy. Don’t be misled! Some sellers even repaint to hide Meth contamination. Unfortunately, most purchasers fail to check for the presence of Methamphetamine prior to going unconditional. This can lead to a huge amount of stress, confusion and cost involved with decontamination.
  •  Affordable prices for meth testing. No hidden cost.
  •  Offering various types of meth tests to suit your situation: field composite, lab composite.
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