Carpet Cleaning FAQs

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Facts you want to know about Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal?

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Carpet Cleaning Process

How much time will take for carpet to dry?
The question is one of the the top carpet cleaning FAQ’s. You must know that drying of the carpet varies depending on weather and carpet type. Normally it will be semi dry after the cleaning is finished and fully dry within a half of day or earlier.

How long it will take to clean my carpet?
The time for cleaning the carpet will vary greatly. Carpet cleaning depends on the size of the property, levels of the building, amount of furniture to be moved. It is also important for the duration how dirty is the carpet, and if it require any additional stain removal treatments. Just to give you some idea : a two bedroom vacant unit on one level takes about one to one and a half hours.

Can I walk on the carpet right after carpet cleaning?
The carpet may be walked on immediately after it’s cleaned. We advise you to walked on with clean feet while damp. Our recommendation is to try to limit activity until the carpet is dry if possible.

Why you need us to do professional carpet cleaning service?

How often should I clean my carpet? Why should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?
Many other carpet cleaning FAQs pages and facts from multiple researches recommend that carpets is professionally cleaned every 12 -18 months. When you clean regularly and maintain correctly your carpets, their life will be extended with few years. With the professional carpet cleaning  not only will you get a deep down cleaning but you will also refresh and restore the carpet fibers. Our company is one of the top experts in professional carpet care. We will make the carpet look and feel as new again. The presence of small children or pets or individuals with allergies may require your carpet and upholstery to be cleaned more frequently.

What references can you provide?
We can provide references from our current customers for our carpet cleaning services here in this website or on many carpet cleaners reviews

General Carpet Care FAQs

Will the cleaning products used harm my children or pets?
No, Alex Cleaning Solutions is using product that are environmentally friendly. Our products do not live a residue and are safe.

What if I have some more questions?
We are always trying to reach 100 % customer satisfaction for our carpet cleaning services and all other services we provide. Our carpet cleaning FAQs are response of your questions. Please call free on 0800 880 885 for any additional information that you need and we will add it to our carpet cleaning FAQs .

Do I need to move the furniture before you arrive?
We have a two categories of pricing on carpet cleaning : vacant or occupied.
If your quote is for occupied carpet cleaning it includes furniture moving for the following items: sofas/lounge suites, tables and chairs. It also includes beds on wheels and light furniture that one technician could expect to move.
Furniture that we don’t usually move: bookcases, base/water beds, china cabinets, computers,TVs cabinets, and delicate or fragile items. We suggest that any loose items stored on the floor, i.e. shoes, pot plants, toys, bins, etc are temporally stored/removed.
For vacant cleaning we do not expect to move any furniture, so it had to be removed by the client beforehand.

Do I have to be present at home when you cleaning my carpet?
You can trust our trained professionals. It is not mandatory that you are at home while we clean you carpet.
If you have any specific needs or areas of concern regarding the care of your carpet please notify us. We recommend any additional requests to be convey by someone in home before we begin cleaning. This will ensure we will provide the quality carpet cleaning you deserve.

Meth Testing Basic’s

What are the types of meth Testing and what do they mean?

  • Field Composite Analysis uses up to 5 wipes which are placed in a single sample tube for analysis. The result represents the total of all wipes in the composite.
  • Lab Composite Analysis is when individual wipes are prepared separately at the lab. However initially they are tested as a single composite of up to 10 samples. Sample extracts are retained, and can be tested individually.
  • Discrete analysis- individual wipes are analyzed. this is the most accurate and costly method.

Do the meth usage increase in later years?
The study was published by Massey University in May 2018. It was based on the responses of more than 300 frequent drug users. In it the proportion of users who reported it being easier to obtain Meth had more than doubled from 17 percent in 2015 to 35 percent in 2016.
Over that same period, the proportion of those drug users using Crystal Meth also sharply increased from 54 percent to 76 percent.

Advice for the house owners, tenants and landlords regarding meth testing
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