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Stain Removal Services Auckland

Do you have a nasty stain that just won’t go away? Upholstery or Carpet stain? Don’t look further! Call us right away!
ACS prides itself as the #1 stain removal cleaning provider on Trade Me. We can treat recent as well as aged stains and darkening on your carpet and upholstery to restore their look. The stain removal is amazingly up to 9 times out of 10 successful, after assessment.

Upholstery blood stain has been removed

Important Things to Know for Stain Removal

Alex Cleaning solutions are capable of removing most of stains on your carpet, sofa, rug, or other furniture. We recommend to attempt to remove stains as soon as possible. Our technician achieves best results if the stain is not treated with any other chemicals before our stain removal service. Use our expert carpet stain removal Auckland team to achieve unbelievable outcome. Very often carpet stains are easy to get out if they are fresh so stains treatment can be included as part of the deep steam carpet cleaning with no additional charge.

Our stain removal Tip: If you recently stained your upholstery or carpet, avoid rubbing it.

Thus in case of emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our expert stain removal specialists in South Auckland, North Shore, East & West Auckland.
We will apply removal service treatments and help you to learn more about removing stains.

Why is Alex Cleaning Solutions(ACS) the best choice for stain removal services?

  1. Call straight away ACS for a free quote, so we can remove recent and old aged stains.
  2. We using different techniques for different types of stains.
  3. If the price is concern for you, we can negotiate.
  4. We offer stain removal services since 2005 and have cash refund policy if you are not satisfied with result.
  5. We have more than 1000 positive customer reviews.
  6. Alex cleaning solutions provides easy communication and prompt service.

Alex Cleaning Solutions(ACS) uses highest quality European chemicals to ensure that fabrics are restored as close as possible to their original condition. Furthermore over a 400 google reviews are sign that Auckland people trust us for excellent care over their upholstery.

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We also can help you with pet urine odor removal from stained carpets.

Fact is that only the United States has a marginally higher percentage of households that are home to companion animals than New Zealand according to report from NZCAC (NEW ZEALAND COMPANION ANIMAL COUNCIL). Cats are the most popular companion animal in households in New Zealand (44%), followed by dogs. This inevitably leads to a lot of families to have accident-stained carpets due to pet urine or vomit. Your cute best friend can leave your home smelling like a pet store. The longer dog pee or cat urine sits in a carpet, the worse the odor becomes. Bacteria will buildup, and the urine can soak through into the pad below. It can go as deep as the carpet under layer.

We are able to remove many types of stains including drinks, wine, urine, paint and more. We also freshen up upholstery that has darkened over time. So Don’t be afraid to ask, and we will take a care for it for you.

What Our Customers Say

  • “Carpets came up great, Alex is a wizard at removing stains. He is friendly, cost effective and punctual. Happy customer!”Craig MacGregor
  • “Great service. Turned up on time, great advice and quick work. Cleaned our mattress and got 2 stains out of the carpet. 10/10 will be using again”Jarred McLachlan

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