How To Care For Your Carpet During Winter

Should you wait for the warmer months to do some serious carpet cleaning? What about all the dirt and moisture that your carpet takes in during the winter? Frankly, carpet care during the winter can be a big challenge. Countless stains, knotting, wear, and damage happens to carpets during this time when the days grow shorter and chilly, and everyone wants to stay indoors. Find below the possible solutions to your winter carpet woes.

Fire place on grey carpet

A doormat can be a nifty acquisition 

A doormat serves as the last line of defense against the mud and dust being dragged from the outside. Doormats prevent the entry of dust in the home. Your guests and family members will have a place to stomp their feet so as to leave the dirt outside.

Before the winter approaches, get a quality doormat. But even with a doormat, your guests and family members should be reminded to take off their shoes before they enter the house. You can install an extra mat right inside that doorway so people can remove their shoes with ease.

Keep your doorsteps clean

There is bound to be an accumulation of mud, dirt, and debris on your doorstep. Part of that is from the frequent foot-stomping and shoe removal that happens there by hygienically conscious family members and visitors. Now, if you leave the dirt there for a day or two without cleaning, it will find a way into your home.

Regularly clean the outside area of your home, including doorways, pavements, and pathways. Further, remember that there is a ”dust Trojan” in your home-your potted plants. Occasionally the soil and dirt from plant pots may find their way to your carpets. Find an elevated installation for your plants, possibly in corners, and keep them clean.

Speed is everything in carpet care

When there is a spillage of coffee or paint, the only thing that can save your carpet from permanent staining is a speedy response. It would help if you had some carpet cleaning solutions ready at hand before heading into the winter. You can alternatively learn the various DIY solutions that you can whip up fast if you get a stain emergency.

Whatever case, don’t let stains dry into your rugs. Attack the mud, coffee, or pet poo stains when they are still wet and easy to remove. With an early response, you might find that just soap and water, or warm water and vinegar are effective enough. That saves money and a ton of frustration.

Clean it daily, and you will have nothing to worry about 

It’s winter. It’s quarantine. Everyone is in the house. Dust is plenty, and mould is threatening every other area of your home. Even with all these threat factors, you can still keep your carpet beautiful and structurally robust – all you need is daily vacuuming.

If you have long vacuuming intervals, your carpet will turn dirty, damp, and even matted. That’s because of factors such as dry air, limited ventilation, and the sudden high traffic from the ”stay at home way of life.” We recommend getting a high suction vacuum pump as a solution to these winter carpet care problems.

The take-home message for carpet care

Carpet care during the winter can be challenging, but staying on top of it will save you a lot of frustration down the line. Adopt a proactive care strategy that involves cleaning not only carpets but also the doorways and pavements. In the event of spillage, act fast to clean it.