Professional Carpet Cleaning Takapuna

Alex Carpet Cleaning Solutions is leading company for all types of carpet cleaning services in Takapuna. Furthermore we are on the market more than 15 years. Our top ranking in Google reviews and Trade me feedback’s can assure you of our professionalism and customer satisfaction. Thus we are delighted to bring our expert carpet cleaning technicians to all residential and commercial customers.

Takapuna is coastal suburb. It is proud with its beautiful houses, boutique shops, tall office buildings and cozy new apartments. So, mostly these quality properties are filled with exquisite carpets and upholstery furniture. All that requires full customer carpet care and niche expertise.

Whether you’re looking to clean up a accidental red wine spot, pet urine, or just a well overdue spruce up, you can always rely on us. Our friendly professional team arrives on time with the know-how and tools to get the job done.

Nobody likes grubby smelling carpets or rugs or can impress their guests or customers with dirty, spotted runners or upholstery.

We understand the high-quality clients we meet in Takapuna. Their carpet cleaning expectations are reasonable and justified. They are based on desire to care of the beautiful properties they occupy.

This is especially important for the business and entertainment facilities. Cinemas, coffee shops or jeweler offices are expected to maintain top-notch clean and fresh areas. This is needed in order to attract clients and visitors. 

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Quality & Services

Our technicians strive to always meet the requested standards for environment friendly and thorough cleaning services. Hence If you need carpet cleaning in the Takapuna area, we have it all. We also provide a range of techniques at hand depending on what your carpet needs to shine again.

Nobody likes the look of a soiled carpet. So you’ll be surprised at just how quickly an expert clean and fresh carpet can transform your living or working space.

If you are feeling a little uncomfortable looking at grubby carpet in corridor? Or you just need to get an end-of-tenancy clean? You can rely on Alex Carpet Cleaning Solutions to get the job done with speed and expertise. No matter of the size of the project, our professionals are able to restore your carpet to the original freshness and cleanliness you enjoyed initially when you bought it.

We understand how to care for carpets correctly, so you’ll never have to worry about harmful cleaning methods or harsh commercial chemicals ruining your carpets. And mainly we want you to enjoy the experience and be proud of a living space that looks pristine and well-cared for.

Why Alex Cleaning Solutions

Alex Carpet Cleaning prides itself in the in-depth innovative methods we use to clean your carpets. Traditional steaming method is usually thought of as the only way to clean a carpet thoroughly. However, though it is extremely effective, this technique is not the only method you’ll can apply for the kind of pristine clean carpet we want to achieve.  

We guarantee that your carpet and underlay will be free of mold and mildew, stains, pet odors, and any visible dirt.

Many people have strong opinions about types to professional equipment required for the carpet cleaning services. Some technicians think it’s only track-mounts that can do the job. As a result they market it as best attribute. We noted that they are particularly harsh and unforgiving of any other form of equipment used. It is usually visible in their posts.This attitude is also shown in aggressive marketing of the fact that they use track-mount. It is presented as some Mecca for quality.

  • We honestly agree that the track-mount do the carpet cleaning faster. That allows the technicians finish job quicker. This may lead to many more appointments and increased pricing. However, let look on the other hand on the power and the cleaning quality achieved as result. Most people may see  that an quality professional mobile carper cleaning machine get same results. In addition, it is more flexible and has very similar power. This is especially prompt when we speak of multi floor buildings or a boat. Both are  accessible mainly via mobile carpet cleaning machine. For other cases, the quality of carpet cleaning is similar, differing only by time to do the job.

Top 6 Reasons for Carpet Cleaning Takapuna

First and upmost, at Alex Carpet Cleaning, we strive to create long lasting customer relationships. Hence we won’t complete a job before your approval and satisfaction. We’re committed in providing an excellent service to you every time. So Take initiative! Get in touch today for a free quote. Therefore act fast, if you’re looking for any of the following services:

We are always one call/click away. So, contact us today and enjoy easy and professional online free quote. With Alex Cleaning solutions carpet cleaning services have no hidden cost or additional charges. Out quotes are comprehensive and binding. Therefore, you can negotiate and make you experience stress-less and joyful.

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Remember: We will move your furniture for you, and provide you with the highest standard of treatment using European import chemicals.