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Alex Carpet Cleaning Solutions is your best choice of carpet cleaning company Glenfield, proving first-class premium carpet cleaning services since 2005. As a local business, our commitment is to local residents and retailers. We are thrilled to bring our professional carpet cleaning technicians to all residential and commercial customers.

During many years slowly and painfully we are building our Google reviews and Trade me feedback’s. All our hard work and dedication to quality standards and polices in carpet cleaning and upholstery has aim. It is to assure you of our consistent customer satisfaction.

Spread over the hills and valleys of the central North Shore, Glenfield is known as colorful exciting pot of many different cultures. Every one of them, although cultural differences have in common goal. It is their efforts to keep their homes and offices clean and inviting. It is make them proud with all classic or grand houses, tall apartment buildings and huge number of offices. As home of the biggest North Shore population,

Glenfield is vast and rich with all kinds of properties and businesses. All these have carpets and upholstery furniture, that may need professional customer carpet care and flexible approach. Many tenants prefer to rent there, which leads us to do a lot of end-of-tenancy carpet cleaning.  

On the other hand, the Glenfield mall has many shops and jeweler retailers. Hundreds customers, visit them daily, Their expectation demand regular carpet cleaning with flexible work times. Let not forget also the vast facilities located in Wairau park. Many businesses and the entertainment providers using premises like Hoyts, Xtreme, Laser Force.

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Quality & Service

Nobody likes dirty carpets, rugs or can impress their guests or customers with soiled, spotted runners or upholstery.

We understand the variety of circumstances and expectations of our clients in Glenfield. Alex Carpet Cleaning brings the quality and efficiency of professional carpet cleaning services they need.

This is particularly important for variety of businesses and entertainment facilities. Cinemas, shops or restaurants are expected to maintain top-notch cleanness of their carpets and upholstery in order to appeal to clients.  

Our technicians strive to meet the requested standards for professional and thorough cleaning services. If you need carpet cleaning in the Glenfield area, we have a range of techniques at hand depending on what your carpet needs to shine again.

Why choose Alex Carpet Cleaning Glenfield

Alex Carpet Cleaning is trusted and reliable carpet cleaner. Our consistency of cleaning and spotless reputation often works in difficult situations. For example, there are situations where the customer have to be at another place at the time of cleaning. He can leave us alone in the property without any hesitations. Thus, he places this trust on us, that our professionals are able to always restore his carpet to the original freshness and cleanliness and keep house safe.

In some cases of end-of-tenancy carpet cleaning client has even already moved elsewhere. So we have to complete professionally job up to satisfaction of rental manager or landlord. It is not trivial thing and Alex Carpet Cleaning Solutions highly value your satisfaction and trust.

Who likes the look of a stained carpet?  The transformation and the feeling after your carpet expert carpet cleaning can surprise you and refresh your living or working space.

So, Are you are feeling a bit uneasy looking at dirty carpet in the office or you just need to get spring cleaning or an end-of-tenancy cleaning ? If Yes, you can rely on Alex Carpet Cleaning Solutions to get the job done with speed and expertise.

We understand how to care for carpets correctly, So you’ll never have to worry about harmful cleaning methods or harsh commercial chemicals ruining your carpets. Generally we want you to enjoy the experience and be proud of a living space that looks pristine and well-cared for.

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Why Alex Cleaning Solutions

Usually when you go to visit somebody or do shopping you expect to enjoy soft, clean carpets, not dirty, unkempt ones. The same exactly applies for your own property or office. Fresh cleaned carpets make the first impression you want.  The carpet manufacturers recommend in order to keep your carpet looking great, hygienic, and in top condition for longer, that you should be getting a deep steam clean every 12-18 months. In reality most of the carpet technicians endorse exactly this when asked for advice.

Alex Carpet Cleaning knowledgeable and friendly carpet experts make your carpet as clean and dry as realistically possible.  Our reputations precede us. We have built enough confident in our professional service, so we can assure you of 100% satisfaction of final results.

 If it’s been a while since you decided to hire a Glenfield carpet cleaner, then you’ll be excited with what we can do for your carpets and upholstery.

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Don’t need to wait further before you call and appoint your upholstery or carpet cleaning job!  Every new day make your stains and spoiled carpets harder to clean and bring your carpets and upholstery back to life.

Basic knowledge is that consistent vacuuming and regular yearly carpet cleaning coupled with timely treating stains helps your carpet last many years.  Process also prevents filth and spills from becoming entrenched in the carpet fibers and underlay, thus becoming a threat to your health and well-being.

Don’t hesitate if you’re looking for a reliable carpet cleaner in Glenfield! Call Alex Carpet Cleaning today and we’ll get the job done without delay.

Top priority is to build long lasting customer relationships. We want to be your carpet doctor and keep your carpets healthy and fresh. This why our work standards are consistent and smarter. We strive to provide the best service every time. Our friendly easy-going technicians will never complete a carpet cleaning job until you’re completely satisfied with the result.

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Remember: We will move your furniture for you, and provide you with the highest standard of treatment using European import chemicals.