Why not Hire Alex Carpet Cleaning Services in Birkenhead?

Alex Carpet Cleaners are the best, where professional carpet cleaning quality matches the price.

We are may be not be the cheapest carpet cleaning in Birkenhead. However, Alex Carpet Cleaning (Alex) is the best local carpet cleaning expert since 2005. It may be not  as long as 50 years, but we started soon after we moved to New Zealand. Our first location we called home was this leafy, quiet suburb – Birkenhead. The residents are very friendly and proud of the beautiful suburb they lived in. That’s why we started feeling quite welcome and accepted by the community.

Alex soon realized that our professional carpet cleaning can help protect your carpet and upholstery in all types of properties in Birkenhead.  

At Alex, we believe every home can benefit from our deep and expert steam cleaning service. Alex’s respectful and friendly carpet technicians will leave your carpet as clean and dry as possible. 

A thorough carpet cleaning from us will leave your carpet looking, feeling and smelling it’s best. It will also be free of mould and mildew, food stains, pet stains, odors, and any visible grime. Simply put, we remove the nasty stuff leaving you with a carpet that’s as fresh and clean as humanly possible. Because we use very powerful equipment, your carpet will dry within hours so you can enjoy your home once more

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Quality & Value

At Alex we like to provide the best quality carpet cleaning. This means all types of affordable services you can get for fair price. We pride ourselves of not hiding any additional charge or cost. During our free quotes, we question gently our customer. Our aim is to point to any conditions which could increase of the price. For example, a situation may be house with furniture or non-vacuumed carpet. Despite the fact that we can vacuum of the carpets, it may cost additional charge.

Our professional equipment is one of the most powerful mobile cleaning machines. It matches truck-mounted ones as quality of the carpet cleaning. In fact, it is easy set up and very flexible.

A clean & hygienic living area is the aim of every homeowner. After all, we only want the best for our loved ones. They certainly deserve a clean carpet that’s free of allergens, dust, and other nasty mess.  If your relatives or children suffer from asthma and allergies a dirty carpet may trigger or worsen these illnesses.

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Why Choose Alex

At Alex we care about your happiness and well-being. We are may be not the cheapest carpet cleaning you may find in Auckland. However, please be aware of the very cheap prices. Our aim is to use quality child safe products which prolongs your carpet life.  Alex Professional equipment we use is very powerful and leaves carpets almost dry. Our dedicated technicians can move any furniture you require to be cleaned under. They even will put plastic pads on the legs to avoid leaving marks on the carpet. Book now and enjoy stress free quality carpet cleaning services.

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Remember: We will move your furniture for you, and provide you with the highest standard of treatment using European import chemicals.