What are Carpet Cleaning Trends in New Zealand?

Where is Carpet Cleaners industry going?

Here are some of the basic carpet cleaning Trends in New Zealand. Firstly keep in mind that compared to U.S. where in 2019, carpet cleaner services had a market size of 5.34 billion U.S. dollars, New Zealand industry is a many time smaller.

However the trends in the industry worldwide have impacted the carpet cleaners here with similar proportion with few exceptions. For instance due to the small size of the market the increase of the number of carpet cleaners is higher than that of U.S. which grows 0.17% for the last few years.

On the other hand the main impact is that as result of the COVID-19, in 2020 our industry saw decrease of the profits more than 10%.. Same in U.S. was 1.2%.

Most importantly, some of the smaller players in the industry which relayed on the residential carpet cleaning even saw higher impact on profits up to 30%, compared with the player who had company and insurance contracts.


What is the COVID-19 impact on carpet cleaning trends

  • The profit of the companies is decreasing. The measure to help from the government to the business is essential for them to continue operating. Hence the bigger companies in the carpet cleaning industry will have less impact due to commercial and government agencies contracts..
  • As discretionary services are reduced in favor of nondiscretionary consumption, customers will delay home improvement projects. Impacted services will be spot removal, carpet repairs and carpet dyeing, as well as reduce the frequency of carpet cleanings, As a result it will lead to decreasing demand for industry services.
  • The trend for working from home will lead of shrinking of the office space and the need of the commercial cleaning.
  • The need for disinfecting services is increase in feature.
  • Carpet cleaning operators will be challenged by the continued adoption of hardwood and laminate flooring instead of carpeting. That will limit demand for cleaning services provided by the industry. In addition, the industry will likely experience continued external competition from janitorial service companies. Likely they will offer carpet cleaning to their commercial clients.

What is Carpet Cleaning industry in the New Zealand?

Industry Definition

The Carpet Cleaning industry includes business that clean rugs, carpets and upholstery for residential and commercial clients. Companies in the industry also provide a range of other services including water damage restoration services and other cleaning services.

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