How much does carpet cleaning cost for an average house in Auckland?

How much?

The size of the house, quality of the carpet, tidiness and stains all play a role in the cost of carpet cleaning a house in Auckland. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from 120 to 200 dollars for standard three-bedroom single level house, on average in 2021.

Professionally cleaning the carpets can make a massive difference in the look, and functionality of your home. It’s also important for you to know that not all carpets are made equal. Perhaps you have a young family or lots of pets, Then you need to clean your carpets to suit your family and lifestyle. This is our short guide of what can increase your carpet cleaning cost.

What are the factors affecting the carpet cleaning cost in Auckland?

Firstly, it’s how many levels has the house. It’s obvious that single level house will cost less as much as 20-40 dollars for carpet cleaning than multi-level one even if both are with same number of bedrooms.

Secondly, it’s the size of the house. Normally you can see advertisements for cheaper carpet cleaning like: from $59 or from $15. However very often behind them sits some hidden condition,. So when you look at the details and sum the additional cost it normally adds up to much higher cost than advertised amount.

Thirdly, it’s the state of the house – if it is occupied or it’s empty. Occupied house typically fetches higher price. Sometimes customer do not want furniture moved or they help the carpet cleaner to move it. This usually lead to significantly reduction of this cost difference.  

Lastly but not the least is the location of the house. If the property is in CBD or in more rural area it may cause some additional cost for parking or petrol.

Are there any other costs involved?

If normal carpet cleaning does not remove existing carpet stains, they are removed additionally for small charge. Some of the stains can be old or harmful to the carpet. For example, a pink fizzy drink or wine droplets can damage the carpet pile it not removed immediately.

Same applies to stains which are result of water damage especially from pots. The longer the period of non-treatment the bigger is the damage to the carpet.  

Get in touch with Alex Cleaning Solutions to discuss your home carpet cleaning

If you would like to discuss home carpet cleaning options, please use the enquiry form on this website to provide us with your contact details. We will get in touch with you at a time that suits you to discuss your request. You may like to provide us with more information about your house. In this case, we have a more comprehensive enquiry form on our “Free Estimate” page too.

How much is a carpet cleaning in NZ?

Carpet cleaning cost varies between different regions and carpet cleaning companies. Auckland being the most competitive market due to its size and the number of the companies vying for customers. So there are always deals or specials you can grab from websites or Google Business. Generally there two types of pricing:
– per piece (room for $25-35 , stairs for $10-$15, lounge- $30-40)
– per property size and occupation( 1-,2-.. bedroom, 1/2 levels, vacant/live-in).
Alex Cleaning Solutions offers second method and starts from $100 for 1 brm property. Price also depends of the state of the property. If the carpet in property is stained or very dirty, it may lead to increase of the price. So wise idea is to request free quote and set the price ahead so you