Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY Carpet Cleaning


Do we use a professional Carpet Cleaning or not ? A lot of people have carpets throughout their homes. This makes their home more homely where they can play with their kids. It reduces the noise of walking and keeps your feet insulated from the cold. Our carpets do so much for us, don’t they? Then why not clean them regularly to help them shine like brand new. They may convert from congenial to allergic, if not protected from dust, debris, grime, dirt etc. It can smell bad with visible stains.

To avoid this, you must get your carpets cleaned every six months. Now, you must be thinking about the right way to get your carpet cleaned. There are plenty of methods available for Professional Carpet Cleaning, but you can also do it yourself at home. This article will help you pick the right method that best fits your needs, so keep up with us.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment Vs Do it Yourself Machines

Doing the cleaning yourself by renting the equipment may cost cheaper but the quality will be compromised. Renting the equipment is a hassle in itself, which further includes driving up costs. Also, you will need to buy cleaning solutions. As you prepare yourself to bear the nuisance attached to arranging DIY Cleaning Equipment, be aware that the quality achieved is ill or less satisfactory. It will remove the smell and visible stains, but will not be sufficient for deep cleaning. On the other hand, when you hire a professional to deep clean your carpet, you save yourself all the renting, driving cost, and buying solution hassle. It may cost a bit more but then you can sit back and relax while your carpet gets fully cleaned.

Looking from all different perspectives, it is evident that the equipment used by the professionals are better and more powerful. The steam or cleaning equipment you buy from nearby stores are less proficient than what the professionals use. If you are still thinking to opt for ‘Do it yourself’ option’, renting or buying the “Truck Mount Carpet cleaning” is the most efficient solution.

Professional Cleaning saves time

All of us lead a busier life these days. Hence, finding time to nicely clean your carpet can be a little problematic. When you hire a professional, you get to choose a time from their service hours and then go by their schedule. This can be both an advantage and disadvantage depending on how you see it: It is good that you can no longer delay the cleaning, but this takes the freedom of doing it whenever you want.  

Hiring a professional can be more costly but effective

If you hire a professional, this will cost you more than DIY. They charge you by calculating how many square feet of carpet you want them to clean. This means the bigger the house, the greater will be the cost. Choosing to save money in the long run by renting or purchasing a cleaning equipment can cost you even more than professional cleaning if not handled with care. All in all, professional cleaning is worth the cost as it provides you with better cleaning without bearing the hassle.

You can get into a real mess

If you take the job in your hands without knowing the right way to do it, you can get yourself in some serious trouble. There is the risk of damaging not only your carpet but the floor under it. For example, you can accidentally make your carpet too wet. As the drying will take years, your carpet can be damaged because of soaking, which will further seep through the carpet to hurt the floor. However, professionals can do both the cleaning and drying effortlessly using the high functioning machines.

Hiring a professional is a quality choice

If you do not want to risk quality and want your carpet to be fully and deeply cleaned, professional carpet cleaning is the key. They clean not just the surface, but deep to the padding making sure they remove the unpleasant smell, toughest stains and, the deepest dirt. All you need to do is book them and schedule a professional carpet cleaning. They can handle the rest. So why wait? Save yourself the hassle and hire a professional carpet cleaner right away.

How much does it cost to have someone clean your carpet?

Usually there is a minimum charge per room, per size of the property or occupation of the site. For room some carpet cleaning companies start from $25, however Alex Cleaning Solutions charges per size and occupation. It starts from $100 for 1 brm property/apartment and goes up based on the size, level and occupation of the property.

Can professional carpet cleaner get all stains out?

Mostly it depends of how old is the stain and the type of the stain. For example if you had a party and spill the wine on the carpet or sofa on the weekend and then call the professional carpet cleaner the next day, chances of stain removal are 99.99%. So call immediately after disaster happen to have best opportunity to fix it at small price.
There some tips of how to remove small stains DYI on our website.