The 7 best carpet cleaning Twitter Account to follow

Social media role in Our Business

We see increasing role of social media in carpet cleaning in last few years. The last year due to COVID-19 highly push forward the role of Twitter, Facebook and other media as Instagram. The traditional way of word of mouth gave away to google searches and online sources. Even we as small local carpet cleaning business in Auckland got effected by this global trend.

Alex Cleaning Solutions opened Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter carpet cleaning accounts. We want to share with you our experience to which Twitter account we recommend to follow. We will also state the reason why we think they are the best. Keep in mind although that we mean best for carpet cleaning tips and advice in NZ.

7 Best Carpet Cleaning Twitter Accounts

  1. @CarpetClnNZ – that us . why you have to follow us. Check these Reasons :
    • The show white name in the carpet cleaning business – over 15 years of service with over 1500’s of highly satisfied customers.
    • We operate with powerful deep steam cleaning machines that clean into the bottom of the carpet pile not just the surface. As result our machines provide a fast drying time of less than 4 hours.
    • We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic products, safe for children and pets.
    • We’re honest and reliable.
    • Alex will arrive on time and will ring you in case of any delay so as to avoid keeping you waiting.
    • We will move your home’s furniture with the greatest of care and place plastic coasters under furniture when required.
    • We come highly recommended by Real Estate Property Managers.
  2. @business_govtNZ -this is official channel for business changes affecting our carper cleaning business .
  3. @SocialMedia_NZ – this is channel which will give you all the tips for keeping up with new trends
  4. @CarpetCourtNZ – we will not miss one of the largest carpet sellers in NZ. So better do check for new more stain resistant carpets on the market
  5. @nzherald – as many of you already know its better to stay informed on latest breaking news.
  6. @NZIRDMedia – one of the most important for us and for you channels as it effects out finances.
  7. @RetailNZ – a channel helping to take Kiwi retail businesses further, through leading edge online support