4 Carpet Cleaning Myths And Facts

There are some myths and facts associated with carpet cleaning and maintenance. These myths not only waste our money but also damages your carpet. We have discussed four myths about carpet cleaning below: 

Can carpet cleaning make a dog sick?

For the past few years, we are continuously hearing that carpets are one of the source of allergies. That’s why they should be removed from houses and offices. Carpets are known as the filters of particles like soil and dust etc. These tiny particles settle on the surface of the carpet. When a dog smells or licks the carpet, it takes dust into it. This causes allergies and it becomes sick. If the carpet is being cleaned properly then dirt particles are removed from it. If the carpet is not properly maintained, dust and soil find a home where they stay. Maintenance of the carpet is very crucial.

Some people prefer cleaning carpet from a professional. But many of them do not even bother to clean their carpet. They neither go for cleaning by a professional nor do vacuum cleaning by themselves. Instead of cleaning, they remove the carpet. Taking off the carpet is not a solution. Do you think it will stop dirt coming into your house? A big No. The dirt will settle down on your floor, windows, shelves, etc. If you are thinking of replacing carpets with tiles then you are in the wrong direction. You will still experience dirt coming into your house. It is important to look into the pros and cons of every single step you take.

The right time to clean a carpet is when it starts to look dirty

 Delaying cleaning of your carpet will take you to spend more money. To save money and remain in your budget it is necessary to clean your carpet even when it doesn’t look dirty. One thing you can do is to increase the time period of cleaning. In this way, you can save your money. It is advised not to wait for the carpet to look dirty because it would become very expensive for you. Regular cleaning is a MUST. You can do vacuum cleaning or deep cleaning. If proper cleaning is not done, the fibers holding carpet components strongly will not do their job and results in damage to the carpet. Dirt reduces the shine and shows a dull appearance of the carpet. So book the professionals to keep your carpets for longer. See More Carpet cleaning facts below.

 It doesn’t matter how your carpet gets cleaned! Is it one of carpet cleaning facts or myths?

 Proper techniques for cleaning a carpet DOES matter a lot. There are many tools and techniques for cleaning carpets that are being used commercially. Different types of carpets require different types of cleaning methods. For instance, hard carpets need to be cleaned differently from soft ones. It took years to develop the right way to clean a particular carpet. Wrong use of the cleaning method will destroy as well as it reduces the lifetime of the carpet. You will lose your precious money spent on the carpet.

 Some cleaning methods are cheap while others are expensive. Various companies are using high-speed pads and chemical solutions that damage the carpet. In this case, the dirt will still stay on the carpet. This method is typically expensive. For better and more affordable cleaning, look for companies that rely on hot or portable water extraction cleaning. These are the industry standard methods that ensure safe and secure cleaning without causing damage to the carpet. The suction process is so powerful that it takes out all the dirt from the carpet. High temperature is provided to dry out the carpet. As a result, water use is, and the drying time is minimized. Fewer chemicals to reduce the risk of damage. If you want a dry cleaning of your carpet then go for the Whittaker Encapsulation method which takes less time.

Is it a fact that Cleaning the carpet frequently will ruin its look?

 Chemicals indeed cause damage to the carpet. But technology has evolved to such an extent that regular cleaning of carpet gives it a new look. Nowadays it is advised to look for professional cleaners who will suggest the right cleaning method for your carpet. They will recommend you a sort of carpet test as well. That’s a way to prevent losing your carpet’s new look.