Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning including house,apartment or rental property is available for you. At an affordable price the carpet cleaners offer an excellent standard you deserve.
Looking to make your carpet, feel fresh and new again? ACS is the #1 rated Auckland carpet cleaner on TradeMe and can help you.

Why Choose Us For Carpet Cleaning?

There are many people in our industry who offer carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is the most effective way to safely remove dirt, darkened areas and damage to your carpet. Hence it is important for our carpet cleaning company to use eco-friendly cleaning products. The reason is that the chemicals used will have a huge impact on the outcome and feel of the carpet. Further more there may be  some health issues for occupants and pets.
ACS uses a specially imported European chemical in their equipment to freshen carpets, giving a dramatically better result.

  1. Steam cleaning will remove dirt, dark marks and dust.
  2. Most stains can also be removed, using a spot or wide treatment process.
  3. We move the furniture items for you on request. We don’t just clean visible areas.
  4. Reputation of over 1000 established customers, at affordable everyday prices
  5. Special offer for seniors: Save a further 10% off our already affordable prices!
  6. Combo deal: Have your lounge suite or couch cleaned at the same time and receive 50% off if you book it together with carpet cleaning.

Get the Care You Deserve

Let us clean your carpets! Even more – take the hassle away of moving furniture, and complete the task cost effectively.

Remember: We move your furniture for you. We also provide you with the highest standard of treatment by using European import chemicals.

Carpets best practice shows that they should be cleaned every 18 months to not only look great but help prevent pests, allergic reactions and asthma. By using us you can ensure, that the result will be outstanding and at a fair price.

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